Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Spreading the word about the need for quality care for infants and toddlers

It is very important for parents to be educated  about brain development those first three years. The research shows that the brain grows the most during those years and investing in those years are critical. Reading this information is important you cannot leave your baby to chance and believing when you take them to pre-K the workers are trained in infant/toddler development is a big mistake according  to  the latest book : The New Early Childhood Professional (2015) B. Gadson., K.Amel V. Washington..
In Centers
  • 39% have a BA  did not say if it was Education
  • 19% have a High School or less
  • 28% have some college credits but no degree
  • 17% have an associate degree
Family childcare listed
32% have an associate or BA
34% have some college credit
34% have some  high school diploma or less
Unlisted family childcare
47% have completed High School or less

As you can see many people in the early education field are not trained in infant/toddler development and many  investors are only interested in the money that they make. Childcare is a big business. It is difficult for you to give young children the skills they need if you are  lacking.

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